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Making acrylic fan grills

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Affiliates icon Affiliates | Thursday night hardware roundup
Some tidbits to read tonight.

DFI RS482 Infinity @ OC'ers Online
Vizo Gemini Wireless Mouse @ TechTastic.ca
Asus Atlas 55GA 550W PSU @ Viperlair
Kingwin SK-523 ATX Case @ PCApex
Samsung SyncMaster 940BF @ DesignTechnica
How Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Works @ Hardware Secrets
Corsair 1GB Voyager USB Flash Drive Review @ VH
Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 Memory Kit @ HotHardware
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser Review @ Technic3D
Thermaltake Matrix VX Case @ Bjorn3D
Zalman VF900-Cu @ Modders-Inc.com
Power Supply (PSU) Buying Guide @ The TechZone
Corsair Nautilus500 External Water Cooling Review @ Techgage
Wednesday 2006-04-19 11:25 pm by GideonX

Gaming icon Gaming | Paris Hilton to Be in Mobile Video Games
I don't know what to say about this one. Will it involve taking pictures with a camera phone in the dark?
"NEW YORK - Paris Hilton is taking her celebrity status to the very small screen. The hotel heiress/reality TV star has agreed to use her likeness in a series of mobile video games.

The deal between Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc. and Paris-based mobile game publisher Gameloft includes a game geared to teenagers scheduled for release this summer.

Gameloft would not give any details about what players would do but said the game is part of a category of simpler titles that includes puzzlers and card games."
Via Yahoo .
Wednesday 2006-04-19 11:17 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | Microsoft Readies Storage Service
Since Google was developing Gdrive for use as a virtual hard drive, the folks at MS are doing the same. They're calling theirs, the Live Drive.
"Microsoft is planning to use its server farms to offer anyone huge amounts of online storage of digital data," according to Fortune. "With Live Drive, all your information—movies, music, tax information, a high-definition videoconference you had with your grandmother, whatever—could be accessible from anywhere, on any device."
Tax information? No thanks on that one. Anyhow, read more
here .
Wednesday 2006-04-19 11:12 pm by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to all who are celebrating!
"Easter is a time of springtime festivals. In Christian countries Easter is celebrated as the religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God. But the celebrations of Easter have many customs and legends that are pagan in origin and have nothing to do with Christianity

Scholars, accepting the derivation proposed by the 8th-century English scholar St. Bede, believe the name Easter is thought to come from the Scandinavian "Ostra" and the Teutonic "Ostern" or "Eastre," both Goddesses of mythology signifying spring and fertility whose festival was celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox."
The story of Easter .
Sunday 2006-04-16 10:15 am by GideonX

Hot Deal icon Hot Deal | Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1" WA Flat Panel LCD
At a scorching $363.20 shipped!
"The Dell™ UltraSharp™ 2005FPW 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor is a wide aspect desktop display that redefines the performance of LCD displays with a stylish new Dell industrial design, and advanced functionality. Watch DVDs in natural format and run multiple applications simultaneously. Improve productivity with less scrolling and toggling. The 2005FPW wide aspect Flat Panel LCD also provides an excellent option for video editing and 3D imaging as both source and destination video can be viewed in a single window! With 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 located on the side, the 2005FPW gives users convenient access points to plug in devices such as keyboards, digital cameras, secondary hard drives and printers. It also supports advanced features such as PIP (picture in picture) and PBP (picture by picture) and can be activated with a touch of a button on the front of the display. With 5.1 inches (130 mm) of height adjustment virtually every user can adjust the display to their exact comfort level and help reduce eye and neck strain. This Flat Panel LCD Monitor comes with a 3-Year Warranty."
Use the coupon: WVL6T6W?5JTKWJ.
Thursday 2006-04-13 01:52 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | D-link's NTP vandalism
Here is a prime example of how not to implement your firmware/product into the market. D-link's use of a private NTP (time) server in their product has caused thousands of dollars worth of fees owed by the server admin. The private NTP server is open to server use only, not clients.
"A number of D-Link products, so far I have at least identified DI-604, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, VDI604 and VDI624, contain a list of NTP servers in their firmware and using some sort of algorithm, they pick one and send packets to it.

This is about as wrong a way to do things as one can imagine. There is no way D-Link can change the list once the product is shipped, unless D-Link can persuade the customer to upgrade the firmware. "
If you are running the models listed above, please upgrade the firmware! Read the full open letter by the server admin here.
Friday 2006-04-07 01:58 pm by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Sony UMD is being abandoned
Not surprising to many, Sony's UMD movie format is being abandoned.
"Movie studios and retailers are starting to abandon Sony's Universal Media Disc (UMD) movie format.

Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures have ceased to offer movies on the small storage disks, and even Sony has cut the number of titles that it releases on UMD."
Reported by vnunet .
Friday 2006-03-31 10:32 am by GideonX

Affiliates icon Affiliates | Friday morning news roundup
Here's some light reading for this morning.
Spire Zoom Laptop Backpack @ ThinkComputers
HIS X1900 XTX and HIS X1900 Crossfire Edition @ Bjorn3D
Kingwin Supernova HTPC Enclosure Review @ VH
It's a Great Time to be a Gamer @ DesignTechnica
Titan Eagle GPU Coolers @ Pro-Clockers
Using Sonos with Ubuntu @ XYZ Computing
SilverStone SG01 Evolution Sugo SFF Case @ MODTHEBOX
SuperTalent PC2-6400 2GB Dual Channel Kit @ Viper Lair
AVerMedia AVerTV Purity 3D MCE 500 Dual Tuner Card @ Bigbruin
Friday 2006-03-31 10:22 am by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | The end of DVRs?
It started with Cablevision, now Comcast and Time Warner have jumped onto the DVRless storage method bandwagon. Instead of storing TV shows onto cable boxes running hard drives, a new proposal to store all recordings on the network are being planned out.
"The proposed new service will allow cable TV subscribers to record programs on Cablevision Systems Corp.'s network servers, which could do away with the need for digital video recorder boxes made by companies like Cisco Systems Inc.'s (Nasdaq:CSCO - news) Scientific-Atlanta and by
TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq:TIVO - news) .

Cablevision said on Monday the service it called RS-DVR (remote-storage digital video recorder) would help cut costs, such as for installing and repairing DVR boxes."
Reported by Yahoo!
Friday 2006-03-31 10:12 am by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | NY Attorney General sues another company
Eliot Spitzer is on the prowl again, this time getting his hands on an internet company that was selling it's email database. You all know about the 'free' ipod offers where they just ask for your email address. It seems this one particular company decided to sell millions of the email addresses they collected.
"Attorney General Eliot Spitzer accused Gratis Internet of selling personal information obtained from millions of consumers despite a promise of confidentiality.

The consumers thought they were simply registering to see a Web site offering free iPod music players or DVD movies and video games, Spitzer spokesman Brad Maione said. On sign-up pages, Gratis promised it "does not ... sell/rent e-mails.""
Read more at Yahoo!
Friday 2006-03-24 11:38 am by GideonX

Internet icon Internet | Beastie Boys return 50 camcorders
The Beastie Boys have a new film where they give out 50 HI8 camcorders to concert go'ers. They then took this footage and made a movie out of it. Here's an interesting quote from a Wired interview they did.
"What'd you do with the Hi8s when you were done filming?
We put them back in their boxes and returned them for a refund. This is low-budget filmmaking, after all. Plus, what the hell am I going to do with that many camcorders?"
That's a complete nightmare for the retail store they bought it from. For multi-millionaires, they sure are cheap bastards. Read more at Wired.

[Via digg]
Friday 2006-03-24 11:09 am by GideonX

Technology icon Technology | Dell will acquire Alienware
It looks like the rumors were true. Dell is buying out Alienware.
"ROUND ROCK, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 22, 2006--Dell (NASDAQ:DELL - News) announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Alienware to further satisfy the growing number of consumers and businesses seeking the highest-performance PC products, including those used for gaming and multimedia digital content management. Terms of the planned purchase will not be disclosed."
Read the full press release here .
Thursday 2006-03-23 10:12 am by GideonX

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